Who we are

Director of the Chair
Emilio Gil Moya. Ph.D in Agricultural Science and Full Professor at the Department of Agri-Food Engineering and Biotechnology of the UPC. Manager of the The Group of Agricultural Machinery (UMA).

Codirector Of the Chair
Germán Canomanuel Monje. Head of Institutional Relations and Sustainable Agriculture (Syngenta)

Technical personnel
Montserrat Gallart Gonzalez-Palacio. Researcher of The Group of Agricultural Machinery.
Jordi Llop Casamada. FPI Predoctoral Fellow at the Unit of Agrarian Mechanisation.

Commission of follow-up of the chair
There are 3 representatives of Syngenta and 3 of UPC.

Representatives of the UPC
-Emilio Gil Moya
-F. Xavier Martínez Farré
-Representative appointed by the Rector of the UPC