The Syngenta-UPC Chair aims to promote training through the participation in various programs of the University (such as graduate programs, free elective subjects and activities to complement Degrees and Masters). The collaboration also affects the training plans of the Syngenta Company. It is expected that the Chair can drive predoctoral and postdoctoral fellowships and educational cooperation agreements and awards to degree projects.

As for research, it promotes the joint presentation on research projects in the Catalan, Spanish and European areas, as well as the development of joint research lines. It will also promote the development of research and technical studies for the improvement of technological products in the field of plant protection products and their application, as well as environmental and sustainability studies that present a problem for the company. Research activities include the promotion of PhD and also the organization of expert meetings on topics of interest.

The new business chair also encourages by highlighting them trough patents, direct applications on the market and by spreading them on any support publications and in technological and dissemination events.